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Hi I’m Nicole.

I’m an Oreo loving writer with a passion for international online shopping.

As the author of The Global Shopper book series I’ve spent over a decade researching and reviewing literally hundreds of online stores – the good, the bad, and the really ugly.

I like to go beyond standard search engine finds, seeking out the best webstores selling everything from fabulous fashion, boutique beauty essentials, and unique home décor items, to babygoods, bespoke stationery, and party supplies.

As a writer, I also help online store owners with the words on their site - I know the words that work and, perhaps more importantly, the ones that don’t.

My clients know that no matter how much you spend on fancy SEO, Adwords, and banner advertising, if the words on your site are wrong, you may have just invested in the Lindsay Lohan School for Ladies.

So, if you’re a retailer who -

Wants to have a killer ‘About Me’ page but anything you write seems to sound cheesy and contrived

Want someone to work with you on your much neglected (albeit once adored) blog to get it sounding just like you imagined

Need someone to give you honest feedback on how to improve your site

You’re in luck, because that’s exactly what I do.



I, love Oreo cookies, well packed Fed Ex boxes, deep tissue massages, David Sedaris and airline upgrades.



I hate undercooked meat, travellers who talk too loudly on their cellphones, the multi color circle of death on my Mac screen, and people who take more than 250 words to write something interesting about themselves.


Like to know my '15 Fave E-stores?