Facial Fitness


Whilst in my somewhat warped imagination, the idea of a Face Gym involves a teeny tiny leotard for my nose, a custom sized resistance band for my forehead and miniature weights for my eyelids, London’s Face Gym is a far more practical concept.


Founded by Inge Theron, a former beauty writer for the Financial Times, Face Gym is a non evasive facial workout involving high energy kneading movements and state of the art technology to tone and tighten the oft forgotten 40 (yep 40) muscles in the face.


With studios in London, Manchester and New York City (with more to come in 2019) you can book a range of “workouts” including ‘Party Face’, ‘Holiday Skin’, ‘Yoga Face’ and ‘The Signature Electrical’ which includes  10 minutes with the Face Gym pro device to stimulate muscles, contour cheekbones and restore skin elasticity.


I was fortunate to experience this latter treatment during a visit to London recently (treatment was paid my me in full – no freebies !) and to be honest the treatment felt like any other facial as I drifted off to that unique state of pampered bliss. Even the electrical component felt relaxing in a strange way. It wasn’t until the treatment was completed that I saw what all the fuss was about.




My face literally looked like it had been lifted. It was brighter, fresher and tighter than I can ever remember.  I also had a healthy glow which is description rarely used about my dear old skin.


I also felt very virtuous knowing that the whole process was non evasive and involved no scalpel or injections.


For those who do not (yet) have a Face Gym in their hood,  the company’s site includes a selection of Training Sticks, Training Serums, masks and even the Pure Lift Face Xtream Pulse, a mini power plate for your face.

For someone who is decidedly exercise phobic at last I’ve found a gym I can happily commit to.



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Nicole Hopkinson