Fashionably Flat

The perfect pair of flats.

It’s the Holy Grail of fashion, regardless of age.

Not too masculine, but not overly girly.

Not too plain but not decorative.

A prefect mix of single color options with some patterned designs.

It’s not easy.

Fortunately Chatelles could be the solution to all your footwear problems.

Rejecting the dictatorship of the high heel and saying no to the banality of the ballerina, the store showcases an elegant selection of elegant slipper style flats.

Established in 2012 by a former investment banker, the company has produced more than 150 styles.

Designed in Paris and produced in Portugal, the range covers all bases – leather, suede and fabric – with a color palette ranging from basic black to emerald green, bookended by a number of animal print designs.

As of that wasn’t enough, there’s also the option to monogram your shoes as well as decide if your’e a tassel or no tassel girl.

Worldwide shipping available.

Images –

Lizzie Robinson