It's A Small World

Have you noticed how everything seems to be getting smaller ?

Phones. Computers. Bikinis. Cupcakes. Jennifer Aniston’s acting range.

You get the idea.

Lam Linh, a Vietnam based artist, takes things to a new level with her uniquecollection of adorable minature hand crocheted stuffed characters.

And when I say minature I mean teeny tiny – think 20-25 mm full standing !

The Sesame Street team are my favorites – Bert, Ernie, Elmo and Cookie Monster all make an appearance.

There’s also a range of oh so sweet animals including goats, elephents, sheep and sock monkeys.

The detail is incredible, right down to moveable parts for some items !

And the best news – custom designs are available if you need a little something even more special.

Lizzie Robinson