Luxury Leathergoods

Dear Electronic Devices,

Yes, I love the way you entertain me with your mind zapping games and let me silently stalk my best friend’s sister’s cousin’s ex, but let’s face it, you’re not very attractive.

Yep, you’re clunky, boring and just a little bit drab.

Cue the collection of oh so beautiful leather iphone and laptop cases from Hardgraft.


Juxtaposing fresh innovative ideas with traditional workmanship and attention to detail, Hardgraft offer a range of premium leathergoods that are surprisingly accessible.

Based in the UK and shipping worldwide, look out for the company’s “All in One” – an iphone case which doubles as a wallet and “Pole Position”, a chic Ipad tilt case perfect for typing, surfing and watching.


You can also keep all those pesky cords, chargers, and cables hidden with the ‘Box of Tricks’, a nifty leather base and lid combo.


Just prepare your devices for the onslaught of attention in the electronic dating pool.

Lizzie Robinson