Monochrome Masterclass

I want to be Aaron Bourne.

I want to spend my days in my impeccably styled store surrounded by a layered collection of treasures from around the globe.

I want to head home each night to my classic Queensland abode decorated in a monocromatic palette, filled with perfectly stacked hardcover books, two perfectly preened whippets, and Pinterest worthy bar cart.

Oh, and I also want an uber chic co-ordinated chicken coop. Yep, he one of of those too .

In case you’re not one of his 32.000 Instagram followers, Aaron Bourne is the owner of Harold’s Finishing Touches, a Toowoomba based self described “boutique lifestyle store” established in 2011.

With a subtly masculine aesthetic – think black, white, greys and naturals, the store manages to stay simplistic without boring, on trend without slavishly following every fad, and eclectic without losing Aaron’s distinct vision.

From signature linen cushions, classic servingware, and coffee table accoutrements to trophy collections, beautiful bath products and Turkish towel sets, the collection boasts both depth and detail.

As with most things in life, there is a distinct skill in making a homewares collection look effortless. There is also a definite skill in being able to maintain visual continuity whilst including some unexpected elements. It is clear that the range is handpicked by Aaron and one gets the clear impression most items spend some time in situ at his home before being considered for inclusion in the store.

There’s also an online outpost which features a regularly updated range of merchandise.

Be warned though, after a heads up to his followers, items tend to move pretty fast.

Aarons’s background in visual merchandising is evident in every one of his perfectly propped instagram posts which highlights the consistency of his look  and the fact there is an unashamedly blurred line between work and home.

In a time of somewhat soulless retail barns selling much of the same old products, it is refreshing to find a retailer who has the passion and confidence to create a range that truly reflects his creative vision.

Especially one who can make a girl of a certain age believe her apartment desperately needs a dollhouse.

All images – Instagram account of Harolds Finishing Touches.

Lizzie Robinson